Marlow 75 Acts of Kindness In The News
Marlow 75 Acts of Kindness In The News

Marlow Auto Group’s recent “75 Acts of Kindness” initiative has generated positive community reactions, with people sharing their heartwarming stories on social media and other platforms.  The campaign, which aimed to spread kindness and positivity across the region, involved Marlow Auto Group’s employees and customers performing 75 random acts of kindness throughout the community. From donating to local charities to surprising strangers with free meals, these acts of kindness have brought joy to many and inspired others to pay it forward. Check out Marlow 75 Acts of Kindness in the news.

Marlow Auto Group celebrating 75 years of business with 75 acts of service


The Winchester Star
Jul 10, 2022, Updated Jul 11, 2022
Original Article:

WINCHESTER — In conjunction with celebrating 75 years in business, Marlow Auto Group plans to perform 75 acts of service for the community.

Dealerships in Winchester, Front Royal and Luray will work to complete the service projects in 25 days.

So far, according to the company, Marlow’s locations have reached out and offered help to multiple nonprofit organizations, including Literacy Volunteers of America, United Way of Northern Shenandoah Valley, Warren Coalition, Winchester Rescue Mission, the House of Hope, NW Works and more.

“Reaching 75 years is a big milestone, so we wanted to give back in a big and meaningful way,” said Emily Marlow Beck, president of Marlow Automotive Group. “I’m excited to work with such a diverse group of nonprofits, and I’m eager to see how our team will help make a difference in the community. Our goal is to build overall goodwill, celebrate servanthood, and show the value of being rooted in the communities where we do business.”


In a letter to the community, Beck recalled that the company was started by her grandfather, Guy Marlow, following a post-World War II car shortage.

“(He) decided that by opening a car dealership, he could not only get a car for his own family, but he could help other families get cars, too,” Beck said. “Since that time, our roots in the community have been strong, and the emphasis on community service continues to be reflected in our core values in our Winchester, Front Royal and Luray dealerships.”

Beck said employees have been “working relentlessly behind the scenes for weeks” on project planning.

“They have partnered with local nonprofits, received input from colleagues and community members, and have developed a calendar of community-building Acts of Kindness that our team will carry out in the Northern Shenandoah Valley in July,” Beck said. “We will reveal these acts as the month unfolds, but I can assure you that the Acts of Kindness are as diverse as the non-profit groups with whom we are partnering. We will be showing kindness in the areas of mental health, homelessness, literacy, and healthcare, as well as helping children, supporting those with disabilities, encouraging first responders, aiding animals, and so much more.”

Tri-State Nissan in Winchester will be collecting non-perishable food items for the Winchester Rescue Mission; Marlow Motor Company in Front Royal will be collecting new and used books for the Literacy Volunteers of America as well as paper towels, laundry detergent and powdered drink mixes for the House of Hope; and Marlow Ford in Luray will be collecting cleaning supplies to be distributed by the United Way of Northern Shenandoah Valley.

“I am so proud of the diverse backgrounds of our team members, and I am excited to see how they will shine as they reach out to serve others,” Beck said. “We live here too, and when we serve our customers, we are also serving our neighbors. After all, we will see each other again, and when we do, we want everyone to feel good about the community we are building together.”

If you are interested in learning more information about Marlow Automotive Group’s 75 Acts of Kindness, contact Brian Nieves at 540-771-3698 or

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Marlow 75 Acts of Kindness In The News: News Maker Emily Marlow Beck on Marlow Motors giving back


By: The River 95.3
Date: July 18, 2022
Original Article:

Marlow Motor Company is celebrating their 75 anniversary by giving back to the communities they serve.We spoke to Emily Marlow Beck about the effort in our latest news maker. News makers are brought to you by Warren County Together We are Community. Emily tells about how Marlow Motor Company plans to give needed items to 75 local nonprofits. She tells how the effort came about and how your help is needed to help others. All three of Marlow offices are collecting needed items and all you have to do is drop off the items they will take care of the rest.

 Click below for Emily’s interview.

Marlow 75 Acts of Kindness In The News: Town Talk: A conversation with Emily Marlow Beck, Marlow Motors – 75th Anniversary


By: Royal Examiner
Date: July 27, 2022
Original Article:

In this Town Talk, our publisher Mike McCool speaks with Emily Marlow Beck from the Marlow Auto Group. Marlow Motors is celebrating its 75th Anniversary this month.

Their story started 75 years ago when, following a post-WWII car shortage, Emil’s grandfather, Guy Marlow, decided that by opening a car dealership, he could get a car for his own family and help other families get cars, too. Since then, community roots have been strong, and the emphasis on community service is part of their core values.

They have chosen to celebrate their 75th Anniversary by committing to doing 75 Acts of Kindness in the community in July. The math is simple—three locations and 25 days equal 75 Acts—but that challenge was enormous.

About the Marlow Auto Group
The Marlow Automotive Group is a local family-owned and woman-operated business that has cultivated strong ties to the valued communities they serve. This relationship has allowed for convenience, accountability, and a solid commitment to their customers, the local area, and the relationships they will continue to build.

Town Talk is a series on the Royal Examiner where we will introduce you to local entrepreneurs, businesses, non-profit leaders, and political figures who influence Warren County. Topics will be varied but hopefully interesting. Let us know if you have an idea or topic or want to hear from someone in our community. Send your request to

Marlow 75 Acts of Kindness In The News: Breakfast with Barry Lee Podcast


By: Barry Lee
Date: July 29, 2022
Original Podcast:

Breakfast with Barry Lee is served 24/7. Join Barry for a light-hearted look at life, a big serving of positivity, and a look at what is going on in this incredible community we call home! The Marlow Automotive Group is celebrating its 75th anniversary with ‘75 Acts Of Kindness’. My guest on today’s podcast is Emily Marlow Beck and the story begins here…/Podcast_343_Mixdown.mp3

‘Caring makes us better’: Company celebrates anniversary with acts of kindness

The Winchester Star
Jul 31, 2022
Original Article:

WINCHESTER — The Marlow Automotive Group in Winchester is celebrating its 75th anniversary by performing 75 acts of kindness.

Actually, make that 80 acts. Maybe even 85.

Emily Marlow Beck, president of Marlow Automotive, said she and her employees passed the 75 mark several days before Friday’s delivery of donated food to the Winchester Rescue Mission and donated books to the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading.

“There’s more acts scheduled for the next few days, too,” said Brian Nieves, marketing director for the family-owned company that was founded in 1947 and operates Tri-State Nissan near Winchester, Marlow Motor Co. in Front Royal and Marlow Ford in Luray.

Marlow 75 Acts of Kindness In The NewsOn Friday afternoon, a 2021 Nissan Titan from Tri-State Nissan and a 2021 Ram 1500 from Marlow Motor Co. pulled onto the parking lot of the Our Health campus, located in the 300 block of North Cameron Street in Winchester, loaded down with items that had been donated by customers of the dealerships.

The truckload of non-perishable food items in the Titan were presented to Brandan Thomas, executive director of the Winchester Rescue Mission at 435 N. Cameron St., and the approximately 500 books in the bed of the Ram pickup truck were given to Andy Gail, executive director of Literacy Volunteers Winchester Area at 301 N. Cameron St. and a board member of the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading in Winchester.

“It was more than we expected, way more,” Nieves said about the number of donated items delivered on Friday. “People kept dropping things off.”

“Customers have brought in things, employees have brought in things,” Beck said. “We even had a couple businesses … that did little [collection] drives and brought some items to us.”

Gail said the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading already has plans for the hundreds of books it received on Friday.

“We built 13 little libraries in all the pocket parks in town, we’re going to be at Family Day [on Aug. 7] in the North End [of Winchester] and we’re going to National Night Out [on Tuesday in Winchester],” Gail said. “We’re going to get the books into the hands of the community.”

Thomas said the donated food will be offered to people in need during the Winchester Rescue Mission’s community meals and food distributions, both of which are held at 11 a.m. weekdays at the nonprofit’s homeless shelter on North Cameron Street.

“They’ve partnered with us at the mission [for several years], which is really incredible,” Thomas said of Marlow Automotive, adding he first learned of the company’s philanthropy and caring attitude after buying a truck from one of its dealerships.

Beck said the 75 acts of kindness being performed by Marlow Automotive employees have focused on needs in the communities served by its three dealerships.

“In Front Royal, for example, we had a barbecue for the men’s homeless shelter,” she said. “Here in Winchester, we’re doing a diaper drive for The Red Wagon Ministry and we’ve worked with the Highland Food Pantry and CCAP. A bunch of us even gave blood together. It has really been pretty great.”

In addition to helping nonprofits, Beck said the 75 acts have also included simpler measures like “taking ice cream to kids at the park, taking water bottles to people at construction sites, little things like that to show kindness in a tangible, organized way.”

Beck said Marlow Automotive’s employees and executives never even considered congratulating themselves for 75 years of success, but instead wanted to give back to the people and communities who have kept their company in business for three-quarters of a century.

“We felt like this was an opportunity to really lean into the fact that our customers are our neighbors,” Beck said. “Caring makes us better.”

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Marlow 75 Acts of Kindness In The News

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Marlow 75 Acts of Kindness In The News

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Marlow 75 Acts of Kindness In The News

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