Marlow 75 Acts of KindnessDate: July 1st, 2022
Subject: Marlow 75 Acts of Kindness

This year, we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Marlow Auto Group. What a great 75 years it has been!

Our story started 75 years ago when, following a post-WWII car shortage, my grandfather, Guy Marlow, decided that by opening a car dealership, he could not only get a car for his own family, but he could help other families get cars, too. Since that time, our roots in the community have been strong, and the emphasis on community service continues to be reflected in our Core Values in our Winchester, Front Royal, and Luray dealerships.

Marlow 75 Acts of Kindness

With this in mind, we have chosen to celebrate our 75th Anniversary by committing to doing 75 Acts of Kindness in the community in the month of July. The math is simple—three locations and 25 days equals 75 Acts—but the challenge will be enormous!

Our team members have been working relentlessly behind the scenes for weeks. They have partnered with local non-profits, received input from colleagues and community members, and have developed a calendar of community-building Acts of Kindness that our team will carry out in the Northern Shenandoah Valley in July.

We will reveal these Acts as the month unfolds, but I can assure you that the Acts of Kindness are as diverse as the non-profit groups with whom we are partnering. Most important we will be showing kindness in the areas of mental health, homelessness, literacy, and healthcare, as well as helping children, supporting those with disabilities, encouraging first responders, aiding animals, and so much more.

Some of our Acts will be simple. Some will require a lot of effort. All of them are important if we want to reach our goal, which is to build overall goodwill, celebrate servanthood, and show the value of being rooted in the communities where we do business.

How can you help?

    • Send Good Vibes and Words of Support! If you see any of our team members out and about performing Acts of Kindness in the community, be sure to give them a high five, fist bump, or just a smile or word of encouragement. Without a doubt, we are taking on a gargantuan task, and well-wishes and good vibes will help fuel us to the finish line!
    • Spread the Word! We will be actively showcasing our 75 Acts of Kindness across our social media platforms. With this in mind, we would appreciate it if you would like and share them as you feel appropriate. Let the kindness grow!
    • Join the Movement! Above all nothing would make us happier than to know that our Acts of Kindness have inspired you to be kind in your work, community, or family. If you have been inspired, please share with us! Tag one of our dealerships on your social media posts! #Marlow75ActsofKindness

Donate to the Cause!

    • Additionally, we will be collecting items for various non-profits in our area during the month of July. We need help collecting donations!

      • Marlow Motor Company in Front Royal: new and used books for the Literacy Volunteers of America as well as paper towels, laundry detergent, and powdered drink mixes (Kool-Aide, lemonade, tea, etc.) for the House of Hope Shelter

We can take any donations at any of the three locations.

Just drop them off at any location and we will get them where they need to go!

I am so proud of the diverse backgrounds of our team members, and I am excited to see how they will shine as they reach out to serve others. Given that we live here too, and when we serve our customers, we are also serving our neighbors. After all, we will see each other again, and when we do, we want everyone to feel good about the community we are building together. Follow along at Marlow Automotive Group LinkedIn Page

Let’s do this!

Emily Marlow Beck


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