Our Beginning In The Car Business Is Not Typical

But, Neither Are We…

It Starts Back In 1947….

As automobile history buffs know, car manufacturing slowed down to a near halt in the mid-1940’s, as factories were converted to the war effort to make ammunition.  As you might expect, when automobile production resumed at the war’s end, the demand for consumer automobiles far exceeded supply.  And, then came the wait.  Customers looking to buy cars were assigned a number and took delivery of the vehicles car by car as they rolled off the assembly line and into the dealerships.  As you might expect, those were some wild days in the car business, where folks would do just about anything to lessen the wait, move up in the line, and take home a car.  Bribery and other shenanigans were commonplace as people tried to “bump” their way up in the line.

But, Here’s Where Our Story Takes A Turn…

Tired of the wait, and unwilling to “grease the skids” to move up in line, in 1947, entrepreneur and founder, Guy Marlow, figured out that if he opened a car dealership, he could not only get a car for his family, but he could help other families get cars, too.  So, he opened Marlow Motor Company—at that time a Kaiser-Frazer dealership—and the Marlow Auto Group was born.

And, We Think Our History Is Important…

Our history serves as a constant reminder that commitment to integrity, “outside the box” thinking, and community support are part of our corporate DNA– after all, if we did things the way everyone else did, our company would have never even been born.   We pride ourselves on being “problem solvers,” with a company culture that requires us to do everything possible to make our customers’ lives easier.

These Principles Directed Our Growth…

Over the years, original Marlow Motor Company location grew with the additions of the Jeep line in 1964, and Dodge, Chrysler, and Plymouth in 1990.  In 1990, the dealership moved to a new facility encompassing a full block of Commerce Ave., where it proudly boasts the Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, and Ram lines today.    

In 1983, the Marlow family grew by purchasing the old G.W. Motors, “Up on the Hill” in Winchester, Virginia.  Now known as Marlow’s Tri-State Nissan, the dealership has a has a reputation across the region as one of the best full-service Nissan dealerships for new and pre-owned vehicles, and the Northern Shenandoah Valley’s only certified retailer of Nissan Commercial Vehicles. 

The Marlow family of dealership expanded its footprint farther South in the Shenandoah Valley in 2000, when it purchased what was originally known as Luray Ford (est. 1915).  Today, Marlow Ford holds true to its Luray roots, where it remains the sole franchised, new car dealership in Page County.  You will  find Marlow Ford in the hub of Page County commerce, as it is conveniently located across from the local Walmart and McDonalds. 

Recognizing the importance of our local small business partners, in 2016, Marlow Commercial was established as a “one-stop shop” for local businesses to meet their fleet vehicle purchase needs.  And the Marlow commitment to business continues into the service and parts departments.  With the Valley’s longest service hours (open from 6 AM to 10 PM, Monday through Friday in Winchester and Front Royal), businesses have less “down time” and more time to take care of customers.  It’s just the Marlow way. 

And, Our Commitment To Integrity, “Outside The Box” Thinking, And Community Support Continue To This Day.

As a local family-owned and woman-operated business, the Marlow Automotive Group has cultivated strong ties to the valued communities we serve. This relationship has allowed for a high level of convenience, accountability, and a strong commitment to our customers, the local area, and the relationships we will continue to build together.

Emily Marlow Beck


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