A High School Intern's Journey

A High School Intern’s Adventure With Tri-State Nissan

How Harnoor Saini Learned The Value

Of Communication And Its Role In Success

By Andrew Freeman, May 2024

Winchester, Virginia: A bittersweet occasion has happened at Tri-State Nissan. Our high school intern’s journey has ended. Harnoor Saini said goodbye to the dealership on Friday, May 10, after a successful eight months as a high school intern. Although Saini has left the team, she is graduating high school and embarking on a new adventure of higher education.

A High School Intern’s Journey

While at Tri-State Nissan, Saini experienced personal growth that will forever impact her career. One of her most transformative moments was creating videos spotlighting an employee of the month. Although Saini had never made videos before, she persevered through the challenges and mastered the basics. Each video she created sparked improvement and inspired further development, giving her confidence for future video projects.

Saini’s social media campaign was her most successful feat. She boosted followers and interactions on Instagram by creating authentic posts using photos of Tri-state Nissan employees and customers. For example, on World Smile Day, October 2023, Saini posted photos of her co-workers smiling on social media. She then noticed that online users enjoyed these organic posts, and her managers praised her creativity as the company’s online presence increased.

Saini’s greatest improvement was her communication skills. On her high school intern’s journey she gradually learned to ask insightful questions to both customers and managers, even when it seemed daunting. This confident approach opened new growth opportunities and enhanced Saini’s productivity.

Intern Journey At Tri-State Nissan

Tri-State Nissan’s upbeat and entertaining atmosphere made work exciting for Saini. In fact, her best days were having conversations with others. “I love the Halloween trunk-or-treat we did,” Saini said. “I got to talk to customers and see kids. We decorated cars, and it was fun to take pictures of that.”

Saini fostered deep connections with her colleagues, particularly Sara and Dianne. These relationships were more than just professional—they were like family. Sara and Dianne, like work moms, helped Saini with important milestones like graduation pictures and looking over her prom dress. 

“I wish I talked to more people,” Saini said, one of her regrets after leaving Tri-State Nissan. However, she is at peace knowing she has improved her communication skills and will apply her lesson to future work places.

Saini advises future interns to immerse themselves in the company culture and engage with employees. She also emphasizes the importance of being open-minded, honest, and friendly. Saini realized that these characteristics and connections are crucial to success in any professional setting. 

Overall, Saini underscored the joy and fulfillment of building friendships in the workplace—they are powerful and refreshing and can boost one’s ability to succeed with assignments. Saini did not back down from challenges but succeeded and will continue to do so for the rest of her career. Tri-State Nissan is proud to have helped Harnoor Saini on her high school intern’s journey to becoming a successful communicator. We wish her the best as she follows her path toward success.

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A High School Intern's Journey

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A High School Intern's Journey

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A High School Intern's Journey

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