Tri-State Nissan Teaches High School Seniors Basic Car Maintenance

The Winchester Public School’s Senior Adulting Event

The Winchester Public School’s Senior Adulting Event

By Andrew Freeman, May 22nd 2024

Winchester, Virginia: On Tuesday, May 21, three Tri-State Nissan employees gathered at the Emil and Grace Shihadeh Innovation Center to participate in the Senior Adulting Event. Tri-State Nissan partnered with the Winchester Public Schools to conduct the event to equip seniors with skills to help them in their adult lives. Between nine and 12:30 A.M., Tri-State Nissan’s Service and Parts Director, Ed Sullivan, and Used Car Director, Greg Strosnider, instructed around 300 seniors on basic vehicle skills and information critical for adulthood.

Tri-State Nissan Teaches High School Seniors Car Maintenance

Strosnider and Sullivan showed seniors where important fluids were in the engine, including oil, coolant, brake fluid, washer fluid, etc. They showed seniors how to jump-start a vehicle’s battery, what to do if the brakes fail, how to check tire pressure and tread depth, where to find tire information on a vehicle, and why not to open the radiator cap if the vehicle is overheating. Finally, they taught the seniors where to find the vehicle’s VIN and how to find specific information about their vehicle with it.

Importance of Safety and Car Maintenance

Overall, Tri-State Nissan taught the seniors the most essential things pertaining to safety and general car maintenance. “There will be times when each person will be out on their own, alone on the road,” said the Tri-State Nissan photographer, Robin Clark. “The knowledge they were given yesterday could make a great difference in their safety during an emergency.” If the seniors know how to take care of their vehicle and keep it running, they can have better chances of safety or success in any situation.

Future Impact

Most seniors listened attentively to the presentation, and many asked questions. Some didn’t seem interested initially, but they soon became engaged and enjoyed it as they listened. “Collectively, I believe the event was a success,” Clark said. Tri-State Nissan is thrilled to serve the community by impacting nearly 300 seniors in Winchester public schools. Understanding how your vehicle works and keeping it road-worthy is crucial to a safe and successful life. We wish the seniors the best in their career goals and safe traveling with their vehicles.

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